It’s looking to be about time for the wife to get a new(er) car as the Fusion she has is giving us some problems. We have two kids under 5, so she’s all about getting something safe and practical. Originally she wanted a Subaru Forester (older model) but decided that wasn’t enough space. Then she talked about a minivan, but doesn’t want anything quite that big as we only have two kids currently. Plus minivans are expensive these days and a little bit out of price range.

She recently discovered the Mazda5 though and is all about it. She loves the fact that it’s got all the convenience of a minivan with the sliding doors, large trunk, and third row for whenever her parents come to town. And that it’s all wrapped up in a package only a little bigger than a Ford Focus. I never really paid much attention to the 5 when it was still in production and don’t know anyone that has one or has even driven one. So, Oppo, has anyone on here ever driven or owned one of these? Is it a decent car? Or is there a reason why they ceased production on these that I’m overlooking? Thanks in advance!


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