Stupid interstate truck tire debris.

Less than two weeks into ownership of a brand new 2016 VW GTI, on a crowded interstate, a shredded truck tire appeared in front of me. Hit it going 70 mph, and thought, “Well, it’s rubber, it couldn’t have done much damage.” Yes and no.

So, I jacked it up, took a look, and found more damage than expected, shown in first photo. Not shown is some sort of black plastic sheet with clips on the end, behind the grille, that was halfway torn and no longer attached to anything.


I managed to push things back closer to where they belong, but some clips are broken and in general it would benefit from professional attention.

Some improvement.

I know this group ranges from people with cars that basically aren’t working, never mind cosmetic issues, to those with some fancy and carefully waxed rolling works of art. If this car was over 100,000 miles, I might leave it alone, if only to avoid having to get a rental and be at the mercy of an autobody shop. It has just hit 1,000 miles. So I’m wondering . . .

What do Oppos think? Make an insurance claim and have it fully restored to new? Or have an autobody shop try to put things back together pretty well on my dime to avoid an accident claim?


Relevant data:

A dealer thought that the new bumper cover and other miscellaneous parts together with labor might put it about $800-$1,000 if they were doing it and just replacing everything.


I have only a $250 deductible on my insurance and no claims in about 13 years, same insurer. Also, I already told my insurance company, and will almost certainly get it fixed up all the way. Still curious on thoughts.

How it looked when I bought it.

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