I think it was the right thing to do, maybe now people will be more careful with their cars, or they might take their “missiles” to the street.. It also seemed unsafe as hell.

It was cool seeing these beat up cars the first time and the second time too, but then it struck a nerve. These guys were destroying chassis that held high demand in the drift community and were quickly becoming scarce through age alone, so the more I saw it happening the more it seemed wrong. And that’s before you even start thinking about safety.

Its about time this decision was made, you wouldn’t be allowed to do it in any other professional race series so why should drifting be any different. It’ll hopefully preserve a few more cars that we’re being eyed up as missiles.

I’m pretty damn sure this has something to do with the drift car accident that occured recently and got national news coverage all over japan (yeah nothing really ever happens here so...). Basically a drift car lost a wheel and that wheel ended up hitting a spectator who got badly banged up. In typical japanese news coverage way, they heavily overdid it and that brought people to be “scared” of drifting... sucks..

That was on Nikko circuit...

After ayrton senna no one else can die in an automotive sport, this made losing all the fun of the sport... group B, formula 1.. rally group B. now missiles.. We will all have electric cars and homesexual children in the next 20 years