I hate to say it, but I’m really disappointed. I adore Hamilton, but nearly every change that was made was for the worse.

The original/deleted songs are definitely the highlights of the Mixtape. Congratulations is delightful, An Open Letter is a lot of fun, Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) is good if a bit heavy-handed, No John Trumbull isn’t bad, and Cabinet Battle #3 and Valley Forge are fabulous (Of course they are; it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda.)


My favorite track from the original album is Satisfied, and Sia’s cover isn’t terrible. Sia has a great voice and in general her music is okay, but I didn’t like what she did with the song at all. Queen Latifah’s rapping didn’t fit the tone of the song and Miguel sounded half asleep.

One of the best songs from the original is Wait For It. It’s covered by Usher, and all I can say is he’s no Leslie Odom Jr. He changes the rythm at times, which is weird, and pronounces “inimitable” in-i-MITT-able.

Kelly Clarkson kills It’s Quiet Uptown though.

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