Haven't done one of these for a while, so let's do one with the car with the most badass name in automotive history: The Road Master.

I mean, come on.

In a slightly odd twist, I've found that these little buggers have become really rare after the holocaust that was Cash 4 Clunkers, which is annoying since I want one as my next car. No matter.

The Good

Everything. Everything about this car is good.

Near 50:50 weight distribution

Easily-tunable engine that was also used in the Camaro and Corvette, meaning performance parts are easy to find


Ludicrously durable

Wood paneling. WOOD PANELING.

Does mad burnouts

Quite possibly the most boring looking thing in existence in stock white-with-wood livery


Insurance is uber-cheap

It can haul an entire team of cheerleaders

It can haul an entire team of football players if you're into that kind of thing

The rear bench seat faces backwards.

The Bad

I lied. The worst thing about this car is that it wasn't available in a Miata-based brown diesel version.


So guys, what do you think of this land-yacht of pure American brutality? It can haul ass as well as haul groceries, and has more potential as a sleeper than a conversion van with a supercharged 454.