Reading the issues Blake Noble had with his banner, Another New Banner and Logo, got me to thinking what does your banner say about you and what do other think about it? Why do they care? Why do you care what they think? And what's Tiger's problem? (OBTW, how do I find out what tiger thinks of my banner and what's this blue box around it mean... OPPO minds want to know?)

O.K., I'll start. My banner started life as a modification to an existing decal. I called the owner of the copyright and asked him to make a few changes for me and sell me the decals with a chrome finish to my specs. I then replaced all the emblems on my car with them from the front grill to third brake light, the wheel caps and the steering wheel. Cool, I had a one of a kind car with one of a kind emblems. All of a sudden, my design became the number one selling decal from that company. The company owner and I joked recently that he would rename the artwork to the name I gave it, but it is so entrenched now that it would probably hurt sales so my consolation prize was he gave me credit in the new copyright.

This is the latest iteration of my banner:

It follows the outline of the Cadillac crest but take some cues from the Corvette mascot, Jake (intentionally so). The cheeks and nose use the XLR silhouette as cutouts and the eyes are C6 corvette flags. I did this initially as a joke during car corrals for ALMS and PWC where there were always a few cars dressed out with the Jake theme. So I gave them a glimpse of the Elwood theme. I thought it appropriate since both professional race teams, Cadillac and Corvette attended many of the same race venues together and the Corvette shares components with the XLR, XLR-V, and CTS-V. It was the CTS-V guys that are buying all the Elwood decals mentioned above.


Not everyone got the joke and some hated it. Andy Pilgrim and Johnny O'Connell (Team Cadillac Racing drivers) thought it was hilarious as well as most of the Cadillac Marketing folks at the races. Purists turn their noses up at me, but the Hot Rod Caddy and Corvette guys get it. And, no, I don't care what other think about my Blues Brothers (Jake and Elwood) joke. I love sitting back on the sidelines watching folks try to figure it out. Those that don't - oh well. Those that do - you can see when the light bulb comes on and its quite entertaining.

So I took it a step further and spelled it out for the masses. (I love this picture of a Corvette fanboy trying to figure out what Elwood means)


Then my race team banner just took everything completely over the top.

So what does my banner say about me? I dunno. I'm an ass? I like satire, parody, intellectual jokes, and old movies? I got too much time on my hands in my retirement? I try not to think that deep. As a footnote, the car was officially christened "ELWOOD" by the Team Cadillac Racing Director and that's been my car's name ever since.


So what's behind your banner?