Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my partner and I forming an LLC getting legally married. (We’ve actually been together since 2008, we just weren’t able to be married until last year.) We celebrated by not seeing each other for more than just a few minutes due to our work schedules. Tonight we’re allegedly doing something, but I don’t know what yet.

Anyway, since we’ve been together we’ve both owned 4 different cars. When we met, he had a black 2007 Suzuki SX4. About a month later I showed up to pick him up for dinner and there was a red SX4 in his space. I guess the dealer offered 0% if he traded, so he did.

It was a decent little car and he loved it. It had the 4-speed auto and AWD, and while it wasn’t completely loaded it had most of the options. I was not a fan of the automatic; it hated to be driven with any intentions of acceleration. If you goosed it enough to make it downshift, it would upshift the second you backed off the gas pedal even a millimeter. The weird thing is that in the snow, the gearing was PERFECT. This car was an absolute joy in the snow and the AWD was awesome. I imagine it would have been great on dirt roads too. It got really poor gas mileage for its size, though. It was not uncommon to see 19 mpg with city driving. The 2WD manual Ranger I had at the same time got 25-26 in the city, and over 30 highway lots of times. Anyway, his mom liked his car so much that she bought one for herself. Hers has the CVT, and after driving it I can say the CVT is a colossal improvement over the 4-speed.

Then, after the SX4 was paid off and Suzuki announced they were quitting the US market, we traded it for a 2013 Juke SV AWD.


AWD and CVT. Really, the only options it didn’t have were heated seats and leather. This was the opposite of the SX4; it was fun to drive in regular weather, not as good as the Suzuki was in the snow. The turbo and the CVT actually work well together and it was decent to drive. I know Nissan’s CVT sucks in most other applications but it’s not bad in the Juke. Good car, but boy are they cramped inside. Cargo space with the seats up is negligible. The SX4 has a small trunk and it still beats the Juke by a mile. The sloping roof means almost no headroom in the back. It wasn’t easy to get the dog in and out of the back seat either.


After I got my Optima in August, he got car fever again so at the beginning of this year he traded for this 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT.


I think we got a great deal on it, sub 15k. I know it has steelies instead of alloys but it’s still got plenty of equipment including heated seats. The 6-speed auto is good and it has decent power; I hate Eco mode though. The Eco mode in my Optima may cause a noticeable power drop but it’s still ok to drive. In this car, Eco mode reminds me of the SX4's hateful automatic. I turn Eco mode off when I drive it. I end up driving it a lot because he is not an enthusiast and doesn’t really like to drive that much.

What do the significant others of Opponauts drive, and are they enthusiasts like you?