Today is the ninth anniversary of the day I met my partner (now husband). We clicked so well it was almost audible. I moved in with him six months later and we got our marriage license in May of 2015, a few months after marriage equality came to Colorado. We’re total opposites, but it’s perfect.

That said, he is decidedly NOT a car guy. After we met he admitted he nearly bought a Jeep Compass once, so I never let him look for cars unattended. I mean, honestly he can drive whatever he wants... but I know what he likes and I can steer him away from something that he’d hate later (and he would have hated the Compass eventually).

From what I’ve pieced together from stories and conversations, before me he had a Plymouth Sundance Duster (first car), some generation of Nissan Stanza, a Ford Ranger that he bought without knowing how to drive manual and taught himself to shift, and a Saturn SL2.

Everything he’s had since I’ve known him has been an automatic. I don’t grudge anyone who prefers an automatic, but it is a shame he doesn’t get to use a manual regularly because he’s shockingly good at it. When I had my Fiat, I let him drive it once and it was like riding with someone on a track day. I was so proud!

When I met him, he had a black 2007 Suzuki SX4. We don’t have any pictures of it because a month later, he had a red 2008 SX4.


Both were AWD with automatic. I hated the 4-speed auto in these unless it was snowing, then it was PERFECT. This is hands down the best snow car I’ve ever driven. It’s hard to not want to fling it through snowy roads like a rally stage. His mother liked it so much she bought one too, though hers has a CVT. The CVT is actually WAY more pleasant to drive in dry weather, because the 4-speed auto tries to stay in 4th gear as much as possible regardless of whether it should be there. I had to fight with it to accelerate.

After he paid it off and Suzuki decided to leave the US market, we decided to trade it while resale values were still high.


He really liked the Juke when it came out. I hated them at first but then the styling quickly grew on me. It was an SV AWD, about the only thing it didn’t have were heated seats and leather. It was a pretty fun car, actually. The CVT wasn’t all that bad with the turbo. There’s some lag, but once the boost comes through it’s a blast. The AWD was not near as responsive in the snow as the SX4 was, unfortunately. It was fine, but it felt like there was a second or two delay before it would send power to the rears where in the SX4 it felt instantaneous. It’s too bad these things are so small inside. I thought the SX4 was cramped and had a small trunk, but this thing... wow. It also was hard to get our dog in and out of the back because of the shape of the doors. After a couple years, he got bored with it. Plus, I bought my Optima in late 2015 and he got the new car bug. We traded it in early 2016 for this:

A 2016 Elantra GT. We got a screaming deal on it, and I made them give us a lot for the Juke. I think at first they assumed because we were a gay couple that neither one of us knew much about cars or the buying process, but we held firm and got what we wanted. He’s thrilled with it so far. It is on the base end of the spectrum, but even those are still pretty loaded. It even has heated seats, something my Optima does without (it’s an LX). His car payment went WAY down and it will be paid off soon.


So, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc., what do they drive? Are they into cars like you are or do they merely tolerate your enthusiasm?

(And if you don’t have one, I sincerely hope you are as lucky as I was and have your perfect someone just show up one day out of the blue.)