What dreams are made of. (Also opinions wanted)

My GF is a superior specimen. 12:30 am and she’s out here lettering my tires for me while I tinker with the e24.


(Still need to wipe some excess polish of the wheels, and color the last E)

New tires on the salad shooters. Anybody got an idea of how to finish them? Continue polishing? (Tedious, but the “right” way) Plastidip white? (The temporary and easy way out) or paint silver? (The semi-permanent and easy way out) leave the insides black? Paint them the same color as the face? keep in mind it goes on a red car. Also no black faces. I hate black wheels.

Some examples:


That last one is peak 80s, but unfortunately, also far beyond my abilities. If I went white, I’d probably go with black inserts for ease of cleaning. I want them to look nice, but they are winter wheels on a daily.

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