What Engine Does this Blue MR2 Deserve?

Smog is due soon, and I’m tired of pouring money into the stock motor. I’m open to all engine + transmission options; stock gearbox is weaksauce too.

A few ideas:

- Toyota 2GR V6 engine with E153 gearbox. Been done many times before and it’s a big, modern NA motor.


- Honda K24 & Civic Si transmission. Also well-documented & reliable, could be cheaper than the 2GR.

- Toyota RAV4 EV full powertrain swap. (Lol) Uses the same mounting hardware as the 2GR, so it should fit in the MR2 just fine. Also would still be a “same-manufacturer powertrain” for autocross class purposes. 

Oppo, what’re your suggestions? At the end of the day, I just want something reliable.

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