There are many cars for me that fall under this category. When I say, "Does nothing for you," what I mean is, it creates no emotional desire or excitement in you. It's different from not liking the car, you just would never have any wish to own one. For me, that would be the car which supposedly, we are all supposed to want more than our next breath of air; the Mazda MX-5 Miata. I respect it, I understand it, I will recommend it when I think it would be a good fit for someone, and I will defend it against all those who insult it. I get why it's a good sports car. But I have absolutely no desire to put one in my garage. I feel no emotions towards the Miata. I will not sit here and proclaim that "the answer is always Miata," because for me, unless I'm auto crossing, I'd just as soon have something else. There are other cars that I feel this way about. The BMW Z4, the Jeep Wrangler and the Ferrari FF are just a couple.

What about you? Which car do you respect, admire, and most importantly, understand why people love it, but you can't bring yourself to love it?