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What Exactly Is A Warranty? - The Podcast

Everyone talks about warranties but very few people understand what they are. In fact, most attorneys and judges aren’t totally clear either - unless they handle these cases all the time. Which is what I explain in this week’s podcast.

Most confusion about warranties comes from the fact that auto manufacturers tout warranties in their advertising. And those warranties - “glovebox” warranties - are NOT typical warranties as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code.


So, I go over warranties - implied and express (not “expressed”!) - as well as the glovebox warranties. And how they all interact and whatnot. And I am posting this a bit early for which I apologize. I have a very good excuse though: I am going to the Tucker Automobile Club of America annual convention where I am the keynote speaker at a banquet. I might even wear a tie. Watch here for cool updates and pics.

Here is this week’s audio:

And video.

And the truck at top is something I saw by the side of the road last weekend.

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