I’ve been the very proud owner of a 2003 CL55 AMG for about a year and a half now. I love everything about this car. The looks, the performance and the gadgets! I can’t get enough of the gadgets. Needless to say I nearly lost it when I realized that the car has so much more to offer.

The first feature I found/learned about was the auto windows up and down. Not the controls on the doors, but the control on the heating/AC system. Reading through the manual (doesn’t everybody?) I found out that if I press and HOLD the recirculation button, all of the windows go up and the sunroof closes. All with one little button. Press and hold it again, everything goes back to the previous position. I actually use this feature every day. It’s perfect when I have to hop on the freeway. One touch when I get off and everything is back to normal. Living in SoCal, I prefer the windows down most of the time anyway. Plus it helps me hear the exhaust (mental note: add a sound clip)

The next feature I found was staring me in the face every time I opened the trunk. I just didn’t know what it was. There are these two nylon straps covered in Velcro, attached to the trunk liner hiding the battery. There they sat, just stuck to each other. Reading through a forum, I came across a topic where someone had asked “Where do you keep your owner’s manual?” If you’ve ever seen the owner’s documents for a Mercedes, you know there are a lot of them. They’re all kept neatly in a leather binder that takes up the entire glove compartment. That’s when someone mentioned the straps in the trunk. They are a fucking holding place for the owner’s manual. The shelf is the perfect depth and the straps are just long enough to keep everything in place. Simple, neat and tidy. Dare I say perfect?

The latest find for me happened just the other day. I’ve been under the hood quite a bit since I got the car. Sometimes just looking around, others to change out the air filters or add some windshield washer fluid. Not once did I pay much attention to the hood hinges. The hood has the standard shocks to hold it open, so there wasn’t much to really look at. This is exactly why I was so surprised when I did look closer. What I found was a small button/latch on both hinges. Me being me, I saw a button so I pressed it. Come to find out, by pressing these latches, I can open the hood a full 90 degrees and lock it in place. Much better than the default 60-70 degrees you normally get. Hood shock go bad? Not a problem here.


It all just makes me wonder what else I’m missing with this car…