Above is Afroduck’s Lap of Manhattan. As you can see, and as proven by the 24:10.07 time, it’s still pretty tame. We think that a few contract signings and road closures and SAFER barrier installations will be enough to set an even more blistering lap. And you’re getting four cars, because every manufacturer is in on this.

Once again, the car you choose is a package deal, meaning once you choose a car, you also get their crew, supplies, and one spare car.


Now, this time, there will be ground rules.

  • Of the four slots that you’re given, one has to be a rally car or Pikes Peak Unlimited special, of any vintage. Only one. Just one.
  • The second slot has to be a GT (GT1, GT2, GTE/GTLM, GT3) racer.
  • The other two slots are free, but you can’t have two of either classes in the preceding slots (you can’t go have another rally car and another GT car).
  • And finally, list them according to the order you’re driving them—which one will you drive first, drive after that, the second-to-last car you’ll drive, and the last one you’ll drive.

Here are my choices.

First go: Honda HSV-010GT
Second go: Audi R18 e-tron quattro (2013)
Third go: Toyota MR2 222D Group S
Last go: Brabham BT44B

Now it’s your turn. We’re not gonna necessarily rub it in to Afroduck, but we’re here to push the limits while still keeping things relatively safe and sane. Besides, he gave the challenge. Might as well accept it.

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