I woke up this Sunday morning to two inches of snow. Given that I live in the arse end of an apartment complex, the access road to the residential street is narrow, and full of parked squatter cars.

We’re expecting low 20's tonight, meaning the roads that are full of slush by midday are going to turn to black ice. Nope, nope, nope. I am not driving my 4,000-pound Crown Vic through that crap, especially not without winter tires.


I have barely a week of driving time with the car, and this curveball happens. How fun! I don’t even have an ice scraper - and my budget doesn’t have room for me to go get one.

It’s off to the bus for Monday and quite possibly Tuesday. Yaaaaaay!

Illustration for article titled What...fuck you, Mother Nature.

Update: Local news says we’re expecting up to 9" and my town of Everett is squarely in the bullseye. Winter Storm Warning is in effect.

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