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I thought this would be an interesting question that could be potentially helpful to those on Oppo who are looking for more clicks/views/community engagement.


These are the things I look for.

-An informative title. If there is no information in the title for what I’m about to read, I’m not going to click it.

-Pictures. If a post has no picture associated with it I’m not clicking on it. I browse Oppo primarily on a PC. I click on a photo and drag it to a new tab, which you can’t do with the title. No picture, no drag and drop, no view.

-Is it a video post? Most video posts have no words in their post to accompany their video. And many(not all) of the Youtube video posters don’t engage in the comments at all. I generally avoid all video posts now.


-Authors. There are certain authors who reliably post interesting content or live in the same geographic region as me. They almost always get my clicks.

-Series posts. Posts that are part of an ongoing series like the regular Aviation History posts, JRITS, and Far Side Friday.

Illustration for article titled What gets you to click on a post?

What kind of things do you look for before clicking on a post?

What turns you away from clicking on a post?

Sometimes though I’m just really bored and will click on anything.

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