What would you buy for someone who is a car nut? For me one thing would be cordless impact tools.

You charge em and then slap on some socket and can remove bolts in less than a second. It makes working on things so much more pleasurable and fast I cry a little every time I have to use ratchets. I need to get one like below so I cry less.


Up next would be gloves. All the kinds. Rubber. Leather .Work gloves. If the person be it you or someone else welds TIG gloves are great and make welds so much easier.

Rubber disposable gloves for protecting your hands from cancer and getting dirty and greasy. And even better make it easy to clean up when done. Raven by SAS safety work great for me.


For everything else mechanic gloves. I like this style because they are easy to take off when more dexterity is needed.


coveralls so you dont muck up your clothes.

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