Easy question, good answers. What say you Oppo?

For me, there’s pictures of me at less than 2 years old playing with hot wheels in my high chair. Of course I played with cars growing up, but my earliest memories include watching my brothers play Gran Turismo 2 and finally getting to play it myself, where I got a lightly modded 300ZX to 170mph on an oval track. Also, I remember V-Rally 2 which was incredibly hard growing up, but made me fall in love with rally. Then, I remember getting some 1/64 cars for Christmas that came with demos of NFS Porsche Unleashed, which I played forever. Once I found out the internet, my quest for car knowledge became insatiable. Along the way, I’ve had rides in a GT30R powered Evo 8, my brother in law’s 510 CI tubbed ‘61 F100 with nitrous (crazy ride), and last but definitely not least, a ride on the Nurburgring flat out with a private owner (amazing driver too) of an M3 GTS. All of these signify different stages in my life, where at one point I was in love with big turbo fire breathing Japanese cars, then transitioned more to muscle, and have finally cemented myself with all things German. However, I think the biggest part is that this passion has fueled my desire to work hard in school to develop a career path that will allow me to live comfortably while supporting a car lover lifestyle. I’m finally starting to see the fruits of that labor, and I’m getting excited.

What kind of stories do you guys have to share?