What got you into cars, Oppo?

What were the thing or things that got you interested in cars? Or were you always that way :)

I wasn’t really to0 concerned with cars until I was 14. I liked mechanical things in general, but as far as cars went I was the diehard GM fanboy AND THEY ARE THE BEST BECAUSE I SAID SO YOU POS FORD LOVER. Actually I wasn’t that vocal, because like I said I knew almost nothing and couldn’t counter any points others would make. However, when the ‘09 ZR1 was announced... the ultimate Chevy (or so I percieved at the time) I went through every magazine, always looking for something new about it. In the process I got picked up an interest in cars in general. It may have helped that the next issue of the same magazine had a review of the SRT4 Caliber. “Hey dude, it’s not just GM that makes interesting stuff!!”


That said, still a GM fanboy for preference. Come at me brah

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