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19 Things Gran Turismo 6 MUST Improve On Over GT5

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Alright, I know I'm behind on giving a comment on the newest and much talked about install of Gran Turismo, due Q4 this year should we trust it's developers. This time apparently, they're on schedule and it won't be delayed into the next era of humanity. They say...


Even though Gran Turismo has been the pinnacle for lavish racing on console games, there have been a few things that have really been problematic considering the growing competition, and the explosion in computer based sims. Considering it's success, GT5 has some truly low points. The fact that some of them haven't been addressed so far in todays world of dlc, amazes me. It should be mentioned before we start, that I don't care about damage modelling and the underside of cars for the flip that happens once every 5 years. I purchased GT5 to drive cars, not crash them.

Here we go, what they NEED to fix for GT6. (See the rhyme?)

1) The sound. This is probably the number one most mainstream complaint on every GT installment, with good reason. Every damn car sounds like a vacuum cleaner! There is virtually no difference between a sweet sounding Italian V12 and an MX5. All cars have a horrible drone and all road cars have over-exaggerated gearbox drone. Sound is one thing Forza is a million times better at.


2) The 1000+ cars bluff. In todays simulator world, quality over quantity is key. When GT first came out is was revolutionary because it was a game which actually had more than 5 cars. Today however most games have more than enough cars to keep you entertained. Dragging over cars from nearly 10 year old games without doing anything to them is unacceptable and unessecary. GT6 needs to get rid of all S cars and instead focus entirely on high quality P cars. The majority of cars on GT5 are S cars, with poor graphics, old handling physics and so on.

3) 70 million RX-7s. (EDIT: Skylines too) Sorry, but not a single person outside Japan is interested in the 3,2 million versions of a MX-5, Suzuki van etc. GT5 overflows with countless silly and stupid JDM cars which absolutely interest me and most other precicely zero percent. GT6 needs to throw these stupid Corolla's and Yaris' out of the game and focus on cars which are fun to drive. Nothing wrong with JDM, but nobody buys a racing game to drive a 30hp mini truck.


4) Realistic racing series. The problem in GT5 is that in a majority of races you'll race random cars, because theres only a snippet of cars from each series. You could do rally, nascar and super GT but that's about it. It's no fun racing a car such as the Peugeot 908, when there are no realistic opponents around except the R10. There are older Group C cars and older LMP's but you rarily end up in a race with them, and they are not constructed to the same regulations.

5) The online lobby search. I want to be able to use keywords to search, lets say "trackday" to find a trackday titled lobby. Or maybe I'm not sure which track I want to race at, but I want a serious race with GT5's built in GT500 regulations. Todays current format of having to select a track and then page through a gazillion lobbies is stupid (type of lobby filter is optional). I want to be able to find regional lobbies from my country etc.


6) Weather and time change on all tracks.

7) Realistic rules, yellow flags etc.

8) Real parts and tire brands, you can buy trackday tires such as toyo r888 for a road car, proper Pirelli slicks for a race car, vintage spec tires for and old car etc.


9) Free use of paints, paint the car whatever color you want without having to collect it.

10) Realistic depreciation.

11) Being able to test drive cars before buying them.

12) Blacklisting online idiots. A system giving people points or ratings based on behavior so that they can't f**k up a serious lobby.


13) Realistic track surfaces, currently there is no difference between a wet and dry track. We need to see dry lines, reflections etc.

14) The POV/scale of interiors. The interior POV in GT5 is way off, it makes all the interiors of the car seem miniaturized, for instance all the dash instrument readouts and dials are unreadable.


15) Sense of speed. Something tells me driving a gokart at 140 km/h would be rather thrilling. In GT5 it feels like you're driving a moped and barely moving. (EDIT: Forgetfull pointed out this is next to impossible to do anything about on a single monitor application)

16) More real circuits, not just the famed you also find in F1 games. Most of the fake (read: "original") circuits are absolute shit, end of.


17) Making sure digital speedos readout in the same unit you have selected for the game. C7 only reads in MPH, this applies to a few other cars as well.

18) More trackday focused cars. These are coming, thankfully. (X-bow at least in the trailer) GT6 needs BAC Mono, Radical, Caterham (motorcycle engined thingy isn't enough) and so on.


19) Being able to purchase upgraded brakes. This is one of the most common upgrades to a track car.

Anything I've forgotten? Think I'm a rambling idiot? Let me know in the comments!

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