Not a new subject at all, but a proper one none-the-less. What happened? In 1970 you could pick up a Plymouth Roadrunner running the 383ci small block for just over $2,900, or adjusted to todays dollar, just over $17,000.... Just over $17,000 for a 330hp 2 door coupe. Want the HEMI? You could send yourself down the 1/4 mile at 100mph for just $21,000.

Now the biggest performance bargains we have are the FRS/BRZ twins where you'll toss away $25,000 for 200hp, the Mustang GT that'll set you back $31,000 for a lick over 400hp, or a Challenger R/T sitting right at the 400hp mark. Sure you've got Camaros and Hyundai coupes that sit in a similar range but break the numbers down a little more and it's a bit sad.

1970 Roadrunner HEMI: $49/hp

1970 Camaro Z28: $48/hp

2013 Challenger R/T: $79/hp

2013 Camaro SS: $79/hp

And to think. Most manufacturers back then under rated their cars... Whatever happened to cheap power?