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What Happened to Ate Up With Motor?

I used to love this site - some of the most enjoyable and well-researched automotive articles anywhere, but Aaron Severson hasn’t posted a new article since October 2017, and hasn’t posted a car model history since March 2017, since then, its just been privacy/terms of use/comment policy notices and updates.


Well, after more than 2 years, we finally have closure of a sort regarding what happened. It appears that he lost his entire research library due to what seems to be a household mold problem, and, more importantly, seems to have determined that new Californian laws apparently make websites like his illegal or too difficult to maintain legally?

Honestly, considering how much time and effort each of those articles takes, and how long he’s been doing it, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he just wanted to take a break, but this is an unexpected development.

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