So my coworker just got a new car, to him. A MY2006 Buick LaCrosse in fairly good condition. After riding around in it a bit... what the hell? For a newer/more expensive car than a 2000 LeSabre the interior just seems *really* shit. Look at the LeSabre and LaCrosse interiors above. The LaCrosse is Dashboard: The Movie while the LeSabre looks like it at least had a bit of effort put into it (it did, though, being that the LeSabre 2000 was the last thing designed by legendary GM designer Bill Porter). And it’s not just the appearance, that LaCrosse is hard plastic EVERYWHERE where the LeSabre would have vinyl with a bit of padding behind it. It just seems... nicer. More expensive. I mean, what’s got more effort into it? Some leather-grain injection molded plastic or a chunk of plastic with a swath of padded backing and vinyl leather imitation spread over it? Neither is “luxury” but one of them is at least an attempt at it.

And it’s not just these two cherry-picked models, these are just what reminded me of this.


Here’s a cadillac STS. Uh, yeah. “luxury” as epitomized by a sea of hard plastic.

Here’s the previous generation Seville STS. The button shapes haven’t aged the best in the world but damn look at that gauge cluster and totally real wood. Again, same as the LeSabre, lots of soft-touch materials here which universally disappeared from GM interiors around 2005 and was replaced with... whatever. The only interior that remained approachable was the DTS which kept much of the design DNA from the Deville, though I still think the older Deville was a comfier design.


End rant.