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For starters: this article is related to cars in case the title/picture steered you to think otherwise.

I just finished watching Jobs, that movie about the late founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. While articulating his vision for the future of Apple, Steve's character dropped a few lines that I thought were pure gold:

"We're not Dell or Microsoft, so lets stop trying to be them."

"This company will not make shit anymore."

Pretty great stuff.

This made me think: How awesome would it be if car companies stopped trying to be like each other and focused on what they're best at?


I'm going to use BMW because they're a perfect example. BMW's reputation was built from legendary cars like the M1, M3, and M5. Those vehicles were the benchmark for driver's cars. They set the standard for all future BMWs. A standard, that maybe hasn't been met in recent years.

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E30 M3

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E34 M5

Today BMW makes three and a half SUVs (X1 only counts as half.) Additionally, they will soon be making the front-drive 1 Series and the sorta kinda minivanish 2 Series Active Tourer. Now, I'm sure these cars wont suck, but they're far from what made BMW great.


BMW's 3 and 5 series seemed to have received less attention in their most recent generations. The cars are larger, softer, and distance the driver from the experience more than ever (Although the new M3&4 may be exceptions.)

So think about how awesome it would be if BMW ditched its SUVs and future front drivers, and focused on what they're best at: Sports Sedans like the 1, 3, and 5 series.


Yeah, pretty freakin' awesome.

Of course, this will probably never happen, but it goes to prove a point:

BMW is a good car company. But in order for it to be truly great, it needs to have a strong vision.


A vision that can be seen in their automobiles.

Thanks for reading.

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