Back in 2010 Lotus revealed several new production concepts, redesigns of past and current Lotus models. They were beuatiful, nice sleek bodies, great engines. One was supposed to get a new 640 HP Lotus-designed V8 powerplant. And these great concepts fell off the face of the earth. The only articles I could find were mediocre news clippings about their reveal at L.A. They were supposed to be released over three years, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Two of the models should have come out in 2013. But they didn't. The three models were the Elan, Esprit, and Elite. It was a new design language for Lotus, it showcased great things. They were heading in the right direction! But alas, they disappeared. What happened to them? Did people inside Lotus give it the axe? Or did bad leadership contribute?

Whatever the matter was, or is, all I know is this: Lotus. I WANT THEM NOW. They are so beautiful that it escapes me to how they thought dropping it was a good idea.


The beautiful Elan.

The Elite. A nice tourer.


And the Esprit. MY guess is this one was going to get the V8..

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