What happened to these people?

This afternoon I made a mistake as I drove home.

I got distracted with something and didn’t realize the grey Jetta in front of me had made a panic stop, so I had to panic stop and I came so close to their bumper the parking sensors triggered.


I breathed a sigh of relief, but shouldn’t have, as in my rear view mirror I saw a black Jeep Grand Cherokee braking as fast as it could: I thought I was done for.

But now, again, the parking sensors triggered and the damn thing was at best half a foot from my bumper. The jeep braked so hard that the brake squat was not only visible, but it made the entire SUV look like a kiddy cradle... if that makes any sense.

I was very embarrased I had made the GC driver go through that, I had a WK2 and those things aren’t great at stopping, so further on the road I stopped next to him and I shouted “Sir!, I’m sorry!”

He quickly raised his window, looked down at me, and either gave me both fingers or just made a fist, I couldn’t tell cus his glass was tinted.

He then drove away from me as fast as the Jeep could handle...

It was very strange. Did the guy think I was gonna mug him?

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