Now I'm a crazy Porsche enthusiast; most of my friends will tell you that. But when I see something sad like this, or any opportunity like this, my Imagination simply runs wild.

Before all of this happened, short story explaining why I'm conflicted now:

Short Story: I was originally gonna get a 1985.5 944 from my uncle. My current DDs tranny broke, $2700 fix, Dad gets pissed at Saturn and foreign cars(he has a 911), tells me I can only get a domestic car as DD, I get pissed, he offers to get me a Focus ST, I happily oblige.

My Uncle's supposedly gonna sell that 944 and try to find a 944 Turbo. I wish he wouldn't sell it just yet; or at least not for $4k because I still want it and yet I cannot have it right now. :(

(picture from craigslist post)…

Description: I'm selling my 1985.5 porsche 944. it turns over but doesn't start. my guess is fuel lines or injectors but i'm not sure and i'd honestly rather not have a project car right now. i posted picture and can give more info but for now its a manual, not sure of miles because odometer is tampered with. The paint is faded because of the sun and so is the interior but it has no dents or rust. call if interested. price is negotiable if your going to tell me you have cash on hand and are ready to come get the car now.


There's a 1985.5 Porsche 944 for sale about 15 minutes away from me for $900! "What a steal!" I'm thinking; but I know how these money pits work. You'll end up putting more money into them rather then coming out green in the end(sometimes you get lucky though); but you'll get such a rewarding drive and experience in the end, working on the car and all. Porsche-fever has me again as always.

The crazy idea running through my head ATM(mind you I'm already getting a '14 Focus ST in a couple weeks) is to get the car for $500(or less) in cash, stash it somewhere my dad won't find it(can't think of a place yet), and slowly restore it as my own(second) car. Now, my dad who has a '74 911 that I frequently talk about, and maintain as best as I can for him during the winter and he refuses to ever let me drive, said no the first time I told him about this car a couple weeks ago. But I cannot stand to watch this perfect opportunity pass and let it rot away. I'm conflicted guys, what should I do? It pains me to see it stand around rather than be fixed; but maybe I'm not being realistic.

Realistically, I'm a college student in his second semester who has an okay job with slightly above minimum wage, who lives on campus and already has a car. Not sure I have realistic funds to get the car moving in a month if I had it but it'd certainly take about a year I reckon.


If I cannot save it, can someone else on here save it? It'd be cool to make this a joint-buy we a group of people and work on it together.