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What has happened to Toyota Century?

A fellow Opponaut was just telling about the nice tradition from Japan that car interior can be from other material besides leather. Which is incredibly nice idea, if my opinion matters.

I was about to dig up a picture from Toyota Century’s homepage, where example pictures from Century show a nice looking cloth interior. But they weren’t there. They were there in January. It’s not just the pictures that are missing, but all pages about Century have completely vanished, and this message is all that is left (Google translated):

I am sorry, but there is no corresponding page.

We will guide you to the top page. Those who had bookmarked this page, Sorry to trouble you but please change the bookmark.


Toyota Motor Corporation

In addition, this page jumps automatically after 5 seconds. If you do not want to jump automatically, please click the above link.”


I don’t care about my bookmarks, I want the Century back. There were rumors that Toyota was about to downsize the Century with a turbocharged V8, but the more worrying possibility is that there is no Century anymore.

Or maybe the webmaster has been just messing up the page updates?


It seems that the guesses 1 and 3 were somewhat correct combination. From Japanese Wikipedia page:

“2017 (Heisei 29) February 4 - A model change will be made ahead of model change. Along with this, the publication of the official website is temporarily finished.”


Goodbye Toyota V12. It was nice to have you with us for 20 years.

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