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What have I done?

Oh man am I’m sure going to regret this.

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I’ve been building my mutant 1975 Buick Apollo since I was about 16 or so (I’m 32 now) and I’ve put blood, sweat and curses into it over the many years. From removing the front sub-frame to installing the Pontiac 400 I lovingly built in my garage to making a Muncie M21 fit and work like a dream; this car has been one long adventure.

And now it’s over for me. I have sold it to support my new venture with my ‘87 GN, as I’ve always said: You can’t have two project cars.


The buyer strikes me as a pretty decent fellow, has plans to finish the body and drive the car as it should be. He certainly enjoyed the demonstration of how well the engine performs and absolutely loved the exhaust note, which is deafening.

So hats off to this brave gentleman who has decided to take on my mutated project and I wish him luck.


I’m going to miss the grumpy old girl, that’s for sure.

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