This is now mine!!! And by that I mean it’s the bank’s, but they graciously lets me live in it, in exchange for a not insignificant portion of my income.

4 Bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, 1940 finished square feet plus a 850 squarefoot unfinished basement and 420 square foot 2 car garage. There’s also a crawl space under the family room behind the garage that I may be able to excavate and add another 400 square feet.

I’d go over more but I know all you gearheads care about is the garage, so I’ll just skip right to it. The long and short is it needs some love:

Of course, I could be a pessimist and say it sucks, but I prefer to think of it as a blank canvas. I’ve already got the floor coated, waiting for it to dry and I’ll get pictures. I had it professionally done with a 2 step polyaspartic/polyurea system that’s claimed to be much stronger than epoxy. Normally I love to take on my own projects but this is just one where I feel like it was worth paying a professional. Also, we are only the second owners, the first was a single woman, and she only really needed one garage door, so she only had one opener installed. And it sucks. I’m planning to rip it out and put in 2 nice Lift Master quiet drives.


My dad has been helping me with a few projects, the house sat vacant for 6 years so it needs a bit of work here and there, and we are currently working on installing a sub-panel in the garage. We should get the rough-in finished tomorrow. My panel is full downstairs and my garage needs circuits - there’s one receptacle and the 2 lights pictured. The one opener has been wired with a piece of lamp cord, stapled to the drywall across the ceiling, and plugged into the top of my one outlet, so I effectively only have 1 plug in the whole garage... which is also shared with the family room behind the garage. So the plan is to set the sub panel and add about a half dozen plugs on their own circuit (or two), more lights (all on a circuit), 2 openers on their own circuit, and a couple dedicated receptacles for my 60 gallon air compressor and welder. There’s enough space I can throw a few more 240V breakers in it so I can run a lathe and mill eventually (hopefully, I may be space limited).

Once all that’s done, I’m going to insulate and drywall it all up, and then get someone out to finish it and redo the existing drywall on the ceiling and 2 walls where the tape has delaminated. Then I’m going to paint, I’m thinking gray about 3-4 feet up from the floor, then a 6-9" wide color stripe (probably color matched to my eventual IROC), and then white above that and on the ceiling. My dad is also giving me 2 in wall/ceiling mounted speakers he salvaged from a job, and I’m going to mount a TV out there on the front wall, and hook it up to a small computer so I can stream music, and have the capability to pull up instructions, diagrams, manuals, and how-to videos when I’m out working on a project.

I’m pretty stoked about this and can’t wait to post some pictures when it gets done.