What car stuff did you accomplish this year?

Here's mine:

  • Oppo authorship
  • Learned to drive manuel
  • Sold my G35 Coupe
  • Bought a '08 Saab 9-3 - lots of firsts for me: 1st manual car, 1st AWD car, 1st turbo
  • Fixed stuff on the Saab myself
  • Dirtfish Rally School
  • 2 flat tires
  • Test drove an '89 Supra
  • Test drove Scion FR-S
  • Test drove '99 Saab 93
  • Drove Mazda 6, V-6 Mustang, Ford Escape, F250 Diesel, GTI, Dodge Caliber, Tacoma, Maxima, Civic

Plans for next year: autocross, pay off student loans, ???, profit!