You’re making consider Volvo’s that normal people would consider crazy.

I looked at 1997 960. Nice car, rebuilt mechanicals. I rode in it (didn’t drive, tags are expired by a lot, shifted smooth, had good get up and go. A little cosmetic damage, just minor scuffs. No rust too. Tires were in decent shape too. Now to the part that scares everyone off: it has 288k miles on it. Two hundred, eighty-eight thousand miles. No normal person would continue to like it. A few years ago, I would’ve laughed and walked away. So what have you done to me OPPO?

You’ve made me loose all sense.

Anyways, more on the car.


  • Rebuilt engine and tranny, so a lot of life left
  • Super safe (side airbags in a ‘98 anything else? HA NOPE)
  • $1800
  • Not super rough
  • No rust
  • 1-owner
  • Seat heaters
  • Selectable driving modes before it was cool
  • 20 mpg and 20 gallon fuel tank means I’d fill up like once a month
  • Rear wheel drive and an I-6 so it’s basically a BMW or Jeremy Clarkson’s Sports Lorry



  • 288k miles (maybe not on the engine, but on the body, interior, etc.)
  • Still a little rough
  • Interior is more wrinkled than a Shar Pei puppy
  • Remember that once a month fill up? It has to filled with premium
  • Cracked windshield (on passenger side)
  • Ignition can be finicky (if turned too far back, won’t switch gears [e.g. from drive to reverse] and can’t turn radio on or off, minor annoyance)
  • None of the doors work properly, at least not without a little finesse. They all open, but you have to unlock/lock them repeatedly. Again, a minor annoyance (only 1 door will really be used that much).