Me? Well, I got tired of the rear liftgate struts on my Accent working barely well enough to hold the door open (and essentially not working at all in the winter...), so I ordered some replacements online and set about installing them yesterday! :)

Penton - clearly I made the right choice if they are OE Quality, Innovative, AND durable! I was worried as the picture implied I could only install them on poorly photoshopped tuned Audis...or something.
The old, factory ones were incredibly shot...oddly, the completely rusted /bursting strut was the one that worked best!
Unwrapped - This was as I was starting to remove the left strut - the rusted old clips are at the bottom left - they were a biznitch to get off!
Installed on the left side! I had to actually remove it again and readjust it as it was a bit loose the first time...
The second strut was the worst part...the kits came with replacement ball sockets that screwed in where the OEM balls went to mount the lift struts to. The left side ball came out like child’s play, the right one seemed like it was semi-cros-threaded from the factory as it DID screw out, but was INCREDIBLY tight. I had to use what was left of an ancient solar lawn light as extra metric wrench set didn’t have the size of the bolt for the balls, so I had to use an adjustable wrench (boo!). I was annoyed as I managed to scratch the paint around the ball screw in the process....I hope it doesn’t rust, but it’s inside the trunk when it’s closed, so it should be OK!


My aforementioned shiny balls and rusty old black balls! :P
Right side replaced!
Success! Penton - clearly the hallmark of quality! :D


All and all, very glad I did it....I have to barely pull open the trunk at all for the struts to take it quickly all the way to the top now! That being said, they almost feel like they are TOO strong, haha! It takes a LOT more effort to push the hatch closed now, but it will just take some getting used to!

What have you been up to Oppo? :)