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What have you done to your car today Oppo?

As it is a very nice day (sunny and 20C with a pleasant breeze), I decided to finally remove the ugly sun-ruined dealership sticker the Mazda dealership I bought my car from back in 2013 had stuck on it when they sold it used.

One glass scraper, much careful CAREFUL scraping, some WD40 on a cleaning chix cloth and 10 minutes of my time later, voila! (P.S. - Did you know that apparently WD40 can be used as a cheap ‘Goo-B-Gone’ without damaging anything? It even says on their website! Who knew!)

Excuse the very pollen-y and dusty car!

Before! Ewww. At one time it was perfectly clear and looked OK enough that I had just left it on, but now it looks like an ugly wart...
Easy does it with the little glass scraper....it worked damn well and I didn’t even need to be as careful as I thought to avoid scratching the paint!
Slowly but surely....I started at the bottom corners and worked my way to the center.
Done! And the WD40 did an awesome job of removing the sticker residue....had to clean the area up with clean water and another clean cloth to wipe it down and dry it after to remove the little remaining oil, but otherwise, looks pristine!

What’s been on your automotive plates today Oppo? :)

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