What? Hondoyota posted actual car-related stuff? And did the work himself??!! (My first time working on our CR-V-- twas fun)

That’s right, lil ol’ carless bum Hondoyota actually did wrenching after ~3 years of 90% shitposting. The wiper washer sprayers weren’t working properly, so we removed the front passenger side wheel and the wheel well liner to get to the pump for the wiper fluid. Turns out the shop that rebuilt the CR-V after its 2015 wreck used the same faulty pump, so I replaced it with one we got and afterwards balanced the tires because I had the time. While doing so I uncovered the toll that the first 3 years of living in Chicago winters has done to it. Pics are below of the wiper fluid reservoir and the rust I found, it was more than surface rust and chunks of it broke off easily. I'll bring it back to the shop next week or so to further inspect the car and do an oil change and alignment. See also: this was really fun and probably the first real wrenching I've done on our car. This is the end of my barely-automotive posting era and a start to my actual #content. 


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