The Carrera GT is indeed a no-bullshit roadgoing race car that will make its dislike of you known if you give it a reason to, but calling it too dangerous for the road? Really? At least it's got crumple zones and a safety cell, unlike this miserable excuse for a quadriciycle, whatever the hell that is supposed to be:

That, is what too dangerous for the road is. The engineers just didn't care. Oh, you ran a story featuring the G-Wiz in a "horror smash" but despite mentioning Top Gear's concerns over its crashworthiness you never said it was too dangerous for the road.

You know, I really envy those of you in Western countries, you guys get to call people out for sensationalist or downright deceptive journalism. Over here even if you know that something is off (like the improbability of someone getting encephalitis from computer use only), you're still surrounded by people claiming "it's in the news, it must be true!"