My dads friend bought a new 2018 corvette, it is a base model with only 460 HP. The guy is doing it right. Last fall he went to Las Vegas and attended a driving school to learn how to not back the car into a tree. Last week my dad took him to a remote section of paved road and they did some hard driving. My dad was driving his race prepared 240z, lets say 350 HP, limited slip, suspension etc... it’s fast.

I guess they did a couple of drag races and the corvette was not faster than the Datsun. According to my dad they stopped racing at the top of 3rd gear in the Datsun which is around 90 or so and the guy was driving the corvette flat out, and was barely able to keep up let along gain on Zerminator.


If I had to spend >30 minutes in a car I’d take the corvette but the Datsun is better for adrenaline rushes. BTW my dad is 71 years old.

Could of had an LS? Nope stick with the S30+