I’ll keep this realistic and requesting one vehicle the brands haven’t announced yet. I’ll also toss in some gimmick or signature feature I’d like to see from each brand as well. No automakers have asked me for these opinions. I’m going to chalk that up to my overwhelming masculinity and intense reiatsu.


Acura Precision Concept

A TLX Coupe with AWD and the 3.5L V6 standard starting at $40K. Maybe eventually add in a turbo 4-cyl base model, but have it remain the AWD Accord Coupe. I would love to see it follow the RLX’s trim scheme including a top end 377hp Sport Hybrid starting just under $50K.

In general, I think Acura should do the same thing that Subaru and Audi did, which is be known for it’s AWD system. They should go AWD standard like Subaru and make the SH-AWD the upgrade and the top sporting models use a Hybrid AWD system. So three different levels of AWD would be the Acura signature.


Audi Prologue Concept

I think Audi could really go for an A9, something the size of an A7 but with 2-doors. It definitely needs to get up to a spec that offers a W12, otherwise it’s just a two-door A7 which would be a 6-Series competitor, and I would like to leave room for that kind of model. So let’s say the A9 stays at least $20k under an equivalent S-Class Coupe comparison.

So the $103,000 for a 500hp 4.0T A9, $119,000 for a 560hp 4.0t A9 S-line, $140,000 for a 600hp 4.0T S9, and $165,000 for a 500hp plus W12 S9 and some wicked option packages that pushes that model up to just under $200k.


I like where Audi has positioned themselves personally. I ask that Audi brings more RS models to America since their US offerings have been more in line with Lexus than the German Trio member we all brag about.


BMW i5 Sedan Render

From BMW, I’d like to see an i-Series Sedan that’s between a 3-Series and 5-Series in size. Maybe costing right on $67,000 but having a de-tuned version of the i8 drivetrain. An i5 M-Sport could have the full i8 output for about $75,000. Pretty much something that replaces the $62,100 5-Series Active Hybrid while adding to the i-Series.

In general, I would love to see the i-Series become the exclusive line of Plug-in Hybrids in BMWs lineup. So the BMW X5 xDrive40e gets re-engineered into a BMW i5X for around $70k. I can deal with M using electric motors, but burning this motherhugger down if an M5 needs an extension cord!



Buick Avenir Concept

Buick should mix the Avenir and Avista concepts to make a 4-door Coupe Sports Sedan. Size it between the ATS and CTS. Have Cadillac have the Sedans and 2-door Coupes and the only RWD Buick can be a 4DC that competes with the upcoming Kia GT Sports Sedan.

Let’s face it, with the C63 S and Giulia QV making over 500hp, whatever replaces the ATS-V (CT3-V?) will be running the upcoming TTV8 Caddy is working on. So the TTV6 used in the current CTS V-Sport can be Buicks top engine.



Cadillac Ciel Concept

How have we gone so long without a Cadillac convertible?! Big or small, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I think Caddy should take more advantage of the “Escalade” name and actually turn it into a top trim like Denali. So the current Escalade becomes the XT7 however it gets the “Escalade Package” standard. That way, it always has the Escalade stamped into the rear chrome. But I think people would be fine with the V-Series being the supersports Caddy’s and the “Escalades” being a kind of throwback to the original luxury and isolation focused Caddy’s and beating Mercedes to the “Maybach All the Things,” strategy that we all know is coming soon.

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