Would you rather Renault come to the US, or just the Alpine brand to run directly with Porsche?

Would you rather see it be redesigned into a Nissan or Infiniti model?

If it was an Infiniti what would it be called?

If it was a Nissan what would it be called?

Does anyone remember the Nissan MID4?

I would rather see the Alpine brand come to the US alone and run a Porsche/Lotus market. That said, I would be fine with the Z becoming a direct Boxster/Cayman rival. That’s what the 350Z and 370Z were going for, but then the American cars learned to change directions. But back in the day, that VQ made as much power as the V8s and was so refined you didn’t miss the boxer behind you, just the quality around you instead. So Nissan would have a $50k sportscar and a $100k monster. Then there’s room for Nismo crossovers and they can let the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, FRS, BRZ, plus all the hot/hyper hatches handle the $24k to $50k range.