So, I had a weird thought last night... (it's Oppo-related, i promise!)

First, I just wrapped up watching the series Gurren Lagann; if you like over-the-top, visually-arresting, big mecha anime that doesn't take itself seriously at all, it's a good series. I give it a 7/10. Its on Netflix, if you're interested.

That said, as I'm watching this, I'm seeing a giant robot, powered by a giant robot, powered by a giant robot, and somehow it all generates enough energy to potentially use entire galaxies as weapons. The sum was greater than its parts.

I went to the store afterward, and I got to thinking; what would happen if Mazda and Nissan combined? I'm not particularly a fanboi for either brand (altho both of them have made cars that i like), but somehow I think that, like the immense Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, this automotive merger could potentially create something greater than the sum of it's constituent parts.

What would that lineup look like? "GTRs and MX5s living together, this is madness!"


Any other automotive mergers you could imagine that would severely rustle some jimmies?

Some Gurren Lagann artwork for your time: