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I’ve just arrived at my hotel that I’m staying at for the GP this weekend and whilst I was pooling up the M1, I saw pickup truck and it got me thinking. In Europe at least, you used to sit lower in old cars, as time went by cars got bigger, and you sat higher primarily due to the higher shoulderline required for side impact protection. Eventually, market trends moved towards an ever higher seating position and the crossover was born.


Bro-trucks are even higher still, are they still ridiculous or are they misunderstood trailblazers? No one really bought into the tall hatchbacks from 10 years ago like the Ford Fusion (euro version) or the original Mercedes A Class, bit they were a precursor to the present day where pretty much every manufacturer has a tall hatchback masquerading as a 4x4 for the driver who wants a commanding view of the road.

Given the evolutionary rise in seating positions, are bro-trucks a view into the distant future for people who want to feel like they are kings of the road? Have I had too much coffee on a road trip?


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