What If Cars Were Music?

I was reading an article about bozozoku cars the other day. While I don’t think I can ever fully understand this subculture one thing is painfully obvious: that these cars are not about power, handling, or lap times. These are created for maximum visual and auditory impact. Plenty of other other custom cars are built for similar reasons. Lowriders are certainly all about style. Huge jacked up show trucks haul nothing but chrome and the owners taste. Even a stock Lamborghini stuns when you see it first and in every other way second.

Then a weird thought popped into my head. How could I convey that initial wow factor to a blind person? Even harder, to someone who has always been blind? I think music is the best comparison of that same endorphin rush you get when that pupil dilating, insane looking, four wheeled pile of mechanical sex rolls by.


So with that thought in mind what music would you use to describe a certain type of car to our hypothetical blind car enthusiast?

For example if I was to describe a crazy 70's custom van mural with wizards and barbarians I’d go for this:

I know it’s not era correct but I think it fits. On the other hand maybe I just watched too much He-Man as a child.


Bonus round: What car can best be described by the song “Yakety Sax”?

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