Here’s a brief list. Give or take thirty or forty random thoughts on a Thursday Evening

The Acura Tranny Turd

The Audi All Repair

The BMW Boat Payment

The Buick Bland-O-Matic

The Cadillac Northstar of Doom

The Chevrolet Morning Sickness

The Dodge 2.7 Liter Suicide

The Eagle Pointless

The FIAT Quality Fuck-Up

The Ford Blown Head

The Geo Defunct

The GMC Chevrolet In Drag

The Honda Weight Gain

The Hyundai Toyota-Lite

The Jeep Metrosexual

The Joe Isuzu

The Jaguar Bottomless Pit Of Fake Brit

The Kia Black Mold Water Leak

The Land Rover Three Ton Paperweight

The Lexus Soulless

The Lincoln Living Dead

The Mazda Insta-Rust

The Mercedes Money Shredder

The Mercury Mediocrity

The MINI Transmission Life

The Mitsubishi Triple Zero

The Nissan CVT Of Constant Sorrow

The Oldsmobile Dead & Forgotten

The Pontiac Plasticized POS

The Saturn Oil Burner

The Subaru Head Gasket Milkshake

The Toyota Camry

The Volkswagen Scheisse

The Volvo Nobody Buys