What If The Mid-Engine Cadillac Costs $170,000?

Fixed that headline. Who’s with me? I know this has been kicked and discussed earlier, but this thing is a caddy right?

We’ve even seen the keys.


And yet still we think that GM would completely abandon the mass market vette. Here are sales from the last few years.

2017, at 25,000 units averaging (guessing) $65,000 ea is a crap ton of money. $1.63B to be exact. There is absolutely no way that GM is going to let this money run. In my mind, there will absolutely have to be a vette that slots into this market. I don’t see a place where a mid engine GM car can retail less than $125k, I also don’t see a world where 25000 people/yr can shell out $100k+ for their mid life crisis.

The only other thing would be to break Corvette off as a brand, a la Ram.

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