Hear me out for a moment. What if Volkswagen is just using the CUV to hold the nameplate and to keep us from realizing they are making a full-size truck in a crazy brilliant move? I mean “Atlas” is a hell of a badass name for a three row crossover. What if the CUVs were actually being called Tiguan, Touareg, and Teramont while the trucks were the Amarok and Atlas?

The import tax is about to be lifted (or something like that) and trucks are all profit and pretty much exempt from a ton of increasingly strigent regulations. Didn’t the morning shift today mention the F150 was 90% of Ford’s profits for the last quarter? Why wouldn’t everyone try to jump into that fray, even for just 10,000 annual buyers? Better than releasing a fat sedan for the same price and no profitability.


I mean as far as just midsize pickups go we are about to have an all new Jeep truck, the Ranger, Frontier, plus refreshed Tacoma, Colorado, and Canyon. Then we have the Ridgeline and whatever the Santa Cruz ends up being positioned as. We know Mercedes is working on a truck, that VW has a truck and that trucks ALWAYS sell. Even when no one is buying your truck, that model is still real profit and even not having a 10 year goal of getting 1% of the market is enough to bankroll an entire sedan and performance lineup and then some!

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