What if we had a community car for all of Oppo?

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Just imagine if you would for a moment that everyone who was willing on Oppo got together and bought a community car. One person on Oppo started a crowdfunder and then everyone else who wanted to be a part of it got together and donated money to buy a certain car. Say a 66 289 Mustang with a 4 speed (yes I know the one pictured is a 67).


Something like this. A cheap under 10K and if 100 people donated 100 dollars Oppositelock would own a community car. If that was too expensive you could even do a car under 5k and 100 people could donate 50 dollars and Oppo would own a car. Obviously more would have to go into the car such as insurance, title, general maintenance, etc. Maybe it is too crazy of an idea but it would be very cool.


The car could go on tour around the country and an Oppo could have the opportunity to enjoy it (with pictures for everyone else) for a set amount of time before it gets sent to the next caretaker for a week or so.

Obviously the car would have to be agreed upon by everyone who bought it. Furthermore we would have to set up a schedule for who gets the car when. In the winter months it would likely have to go south. Maybe I am totally crazy but this seems like a semi-good idea. If everyone involved was willing to play ball it just might even work.


What does thou Oppo community think? Obviously I am just thinking out loud here I am not expecting this to actually happen. I think Jalopnik would be too big due to the massive user base.

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