What if you had $5k to spend on your car?

The ideal Ford garage post got me wondering, since I already have a Ford. What if we had to be happy with what we already have? What if you were given $5k and you are only allowed to spend it on your car, the money will self-destruct if you don’t spend it. What would you spend it on?

Personally, I have a fairly good idea for my Taurus SHO:

  • $350 Catch Can
  • $700 Meth kit
  • ~$1000 on exhaust upgrades, I’d like to widen the pipes for more flow, but I want maintain a similar soundtrack to what I have now, but I’d add electric cut outs just before the rear mufflers (I already have downpipes)
  • $300 for a few additional tunes (93 octane, E30, race gas) (I currently have 87 efficiency, 89 efficiency and 89 performance)
  • ~$500 appearance upgrades
  • The rest would be spent on telling a body & paint shop “I have ~$2150, make her look as good as possible!” (I have a few minor dents, scrapes and other imperfections)

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