This is the 1992 Celica I bought from Chariot. I noticed a....strange... noise as the revs fall. It only occurs as the revs drop, and only near idle. It’s that short rattle/whirring sound. Noise comes from the accessory side of the engine. Any thoughts?


As for how it runs, it idles fine and revs freely, as you can hear in the video. Under load, there is severe hesitation and stumbling, with NO CEL I’m not convinced it’s a timing issue, as Chariot was told. I’m thinking one of a handful of things:

1) distributor seal leaking, allowing oil in the dust

2) O2 sensor

3) coolant temp sensor

4) clogged cat

5) jumped timing (off by one tooth?)

Projects are fun! My pastors son is going to love the Celica when I get it sorted.


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