A while ago I presented a collection of what I considered to be front wheel drive sports cars. Out of the woodwork I received dozens of suggestions, most of which weren't even close to my guidelines or ignored my note ruling out sport coupes and hot hatches (which confirms a theory that most people just read the title and look at the pictures). Now if you take issue with my stance on ruling out sport compacts and hot hatches that's fine, that's an interesting discussion (this discussion in fact).

Multiple people mentioned Dodge Neons, Ford Focuses, and Volvo S60s. To me, calling cars like those sports cars is a bit like calling the Escalade Hybrid "eco-friendly." But what do I know? Perhaps that's the general consensus, so I ask you, what is a sports car?

Now I know for a fact some people around here sports cars NEED to be small and light, and anything heavier than an Elise is a GT. While others, apparently, think anything sporty is a sport car (Celicas, CRXs, and Tiberons) is a sports car.


I think a few cars are universally agreed upon as sports cars (Miata, S2000, Elise). Some people disqualify bigger heavier cars (Corvettes, Ferraris, Aston Martins). A lot of people would draw the line at having more than two seats (911), many would rule out fwd (Elan), or awd (GTR). What about super/hyper cars are they sports cars?


With that said I open the table for discussion, because what is Oppo good for if not nerdy car debate?