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What Is a Wagon?

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This is apparently a great question, because does, apparently, not know what a wagon is.


Cargurus. One of my favorite websites to browse cars, since they have that handy dandy overprices/fair deal/good deal scale showing how the price of the car relates to the average. Plus, lots of listings, and good search features.

So this morning I had a few minutes, and wanted to browse all wagons. I select "browse by body style," select "wagon" from the drop down, and voila, behold all the listings, expecting to see a plethora of Jetta Sport wagons, Volvos, a few BMWs and Audis, and, of course, a shit-ton of Subies.


Now let's take a look at what actually showed up:

Chevy HHR - Not a wagon.

Kia Soul - Not a wagon.

Chrysler PT Cruiser - Not a wagon.

Audi A3 - Not a wagon.

Honda friggin' Element. Not a wagon.

A Buick Roadmaster?

Ford E-Series van. Not a wagon.

Ford Transit Connect, Scion xB, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix, Doug's Nissan Cube...


Well, you get the drift.

WTF, mate?

Illustration for article titled What Is a Wagon?

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